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Auto Repair

Ensure that your car is damage-free by hiring Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists for your auto repair needs!
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Car owners must bring their vehicles for regular auto repair as it offers a lot of great benefits. Having your car serviced regularly can increase its lifespan, improve its performance, escalate its resale value, prevent costly breakdowns, and much more!

If you need a shop that provides reliable auto repair, look no further than Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists. We’ll do everything from brake repair to transmission checks to ensure that whatever problems your vehicle faces will be nothing but a thing of the past. 

A car mechanic holding a notepad at an auto repair station.

Our Auto Repair Services

Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists is the auto shop that can settle all of your auto repair needs. Our team of professional technicians can provide you with the following services:

1. Fleet General Services

Fleet general services refer to a range of maintenance and repair services provided to commercial vehicle fleets for transportation, delivery, construction, and other business matters.

Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists guarantees that your fleet vehicles will be in good working condition through reliable and reasonably priced diagnostic testing and preventive maintenance. 

2. Car & Truck Care

We ensure that we provide professional maintenance and repair services to all cars and trucks that enter our shop. Regardless of the make or model, our technicians can return them to optimal condition.

3. Electronic Services

When your car’s electronic systems, such as the navigation or audio systems, malfunction, you need to get them repaired immediately. Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists has skilled and trained technicians to ensure they function correctly.

4. Electrical Services

Electrical systems, such as the battery and alternator, must be serviced regularly to prevent car issues. Let Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists handle any electrical malfunctions your car is experiencing to guarantee your safety.

5. General Services

We make sure to provide you with all auto repair services that are a part of routine maintenance and inspections. So whether it’s an oil change or tire rotation, we can do it quickly.

6. Heating and Cooling Services

To ensure maximum comfort and safety inside your car, you’ll need to have your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems regularly maintained. Hire us, and we’ll handle everything, from cleaning to repairing your car’s HVAC.

7. Engine and Transmission Services

If the engine and transmission aren’t functioning correctly, your car won’t be able to run as it should. Our well-experienced technicians can resolve any issue involving these two car components.

8. Miscellaneous Services

At Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists, we offer services that set us apart from our competitors. Whether you need your car picked up or you need to be dropped off, we guarantee that you have various options.

9. Towing Services

If your car is immobilized due to circumstances, such as those involving weather or road accidents, then call Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists. We provide towing services that quickly bring you and your car to our shop.

10. Transmission Services

Your car’s transmission is essential as it transfers power from the engine to the wheels, allowing your car to move. Bring your car to Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists to have it thoroughly inspected for any issues that must be dealt with.

11. Undercar Services

A car’s underside is the most vulnerable to road debris and dirt. If any of its components are damaged, call us to conduct an inspection and see if there are parts that require repair or replacement.

12. Brake Repairs

The ability to slow down or stop in a split-second can help prevent accidents on the road. At Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists, we’ll check your brakes and replace or repair them as necessary.

13. Engine Maintenance

The engine is the heart of the car as it’s responsible for converting fuel into energy that allows your vehicle to move. Call Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists when it needs maintenance, repairs, or even replacement.

14. Tire Services

Your car’s wheels will eventually experience wear and tear as time passes. When that happens, let us at Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists handle it, and we’ll repair or replace your wheels to ensure your car moves the way it should.

15. Inspections and Emissions

It’s essential to have your car’s safety and emission systems inspected to guarantee that they operate as they should. We at Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists are qualified to perform such inspections, and if we see any issues, we’ll resolve them.

16. AC Repairs

A car’s air conditioning is essential for providing cool air and filtering it by removing dust, pollen, and allergens. If you think your car’s AC unit isn’t working as it should, bring it to Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists, and we’ll provide the services to fix it.

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