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Before purchasing a vehicle, it’s crucial to verify that it meets specific safety and environmental criteria and is suitable for operation on public roads. The State of Ohio requires thorough inspections and tests to determine the vehicles that can be given the green light for on-the-road usage.

Here at Parma Car Care Specialists, our professionals are qualified to inspect your car’s safety and emission systems. With the latest equipment, we guarantee accurate diagnoses and precise repairs. Schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll make sure your vehicle passes the safety and emission standards. 

Two cars undergoing an emission system inspection at an auto repair facility.

Our Inspection and Emission Services

Our inspection and emission services include thorough diagnoses to ensure compliance with emission standards and regulations, as well as expert solutions to address any issues that may arise. Parma Car Care Specialists provides the following services: 

1. Safety Inspections

Our safety inspections involve a comprehensive check of a vehicle’s major systems, including brakes, suspension, steering, lighting, and tires. We have highly trained, skilled, and experienced technicians who will check all your vehicle’s components to ensure they operate reliably and safely. 

2. Tailpipe Emission Test

A tailpipe emission test measures the pollutants emitted from a vehicle’s exhaust system. A probe will be inserted into your car’s tailpipe and connected to an emission analyzer, allowing us to measure and analyze your vehicle’s emissions accurately. We’ll conduct this test to see if your vehicle meets local and national emissions standards. 

3. Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) Inspection

OBD inspections are meant to check a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system for error codes or malfunctions. We’ll connect a diagnostic tool to your car’s OBD port to read the error codes and check if there are components that require immediate repairs or maintenance. 

Why Choose Us for Inspection and Emission Services

Even after being in the business for more than three decades, we continue to service vehicles expertly and satisfy clients to this day. Here are a few reasons you should trust us for your auto repair needs: 

1. Clear Estimates

Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists will provide you with a detailed estimate of the services you require. We can provide you with a list of alternative service options to help you cut down on costs.

2. ASE-Certified Professionals

Having an ASE certification means that our technicians are certified to conduct all inspections and ensure your vehicle operates as it should. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to diagnose and repair cars of all makes and models. 

3. Quick and Consistent Service

We perform our services as quickly as possible. Simple ones such as brake checking or oil changes will take a day or less. If you require more complex services done to your vehicle, you can rely on us to complete them in the shortest possible time. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Inspections and Emissions Services

A safety inspection assesses the vehicle’s essential safety systems, such as brakes, lights, horns, and wipers, ensuring they function properly and meet state safety standards. An emissions test evaluates the pollutants released from the vehicle to ensure it meets environmental standards set by the state or region. 

A combined safety inspection and emissions test generally takes about 30 minutes to an hour, but this can vary based on the vehicle and the facility’s workload. 

Typically, you should bring your vehicle’s registration, proof of insurance, and any previous inspection or emissions test reports. Some regions might also require a form of payment and identification. 

If your vehicle fails either test, you will receive a report detailing the reasons for failure. You’ll generally need to get the issues addressed and then return for a re-test before you can renew your vehicle’s registration.

The cost can vary based on the region and the facility, but typically, combined services range from $20 to $80. Some states subsidize these fees. 

At Parma Car Care, we offer both scheduled appointments and walk-in services for your convenience. However, we recommend calling ahead to confirm availability and reduce your wait time. 

We advise ensuring your vehicle is in good repair before the test. Address any “Check Engine” lights, ensure your oil has regularly been changed, and consider using a fuel additive that helps clean the engine. For optimal results, drive your vehicle for about 20 minutes before the test to ensure the engine is warmed up. 

Yes, we offer a free re-test if your vehicle is repaired and brought back for re-testing within a specified timeframe. We aim to ensure all vehicles meet the necessary standards without causing undue financial strain on our customers. 

If the repair involved the vehicle’s emissions system or if a “Check Engine” light was on, we recommend driving your vehicle for several days or about 100 miles before bringing it to us. This allows the onboard computer to reset and provide accurate data during the test. 

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