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Transmission Services

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The transmission is one of the most important components of your vehicle. It’s responsible for shifting gears, allowing power transfer from the engine to the wheels. If you have a faulty transmission, your vehicle will not be able to move efficiently and reliably, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

If you need transmission services, then head over to Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists. We have a team of ASE-certified technicians to provide you with the service you need. As a forward-looking business, we invest in state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair tools. You can rely on us to provide you with accurate diagnoses and precise repairs. 

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What Transmission Services Do We Provide?

You need to have your transmission serviced regularly to ensure that it is functioning as it should and to prevent costly repairs in the future. Hire us to provide the best transmission services, and we’ll be able to do the following: 

1. Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions utilize hydraulics to shift gears automatically without the driver having to do so manually. This type of transmission selects the appropriate gear based on engine speed, vehicle speed, and other factors. If your automatic transmission requires its fluid drained and filter replaced, let our expert team at Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists handle it. 

2. Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions, better known as “stick shifts,” require the driver to shift gears using a clutch pedal and gear selector manually. They have a more excellent range of gear ratios that provide better acceleration and are more fuel-efficient. Bring your vehicle to Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists so we can clean its transmission fluid and check on its components. 

3. Four-Wheel Drive Transmission

A four-wheel drive transmission, also known as 4WD, is a type of drivetrain system that powers all four wheels of a vehicle simultaneously. This provides traction and stability to help prevent accidents in difficult driving conditions. We at Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists provides services, such as transmission resealing and rebuilding, to ensure your 4WD is operating as it should.

4. Front-Wheel Drive Transmission

A front-wheel drive (FWD) transmission is a type of drivetrain system in which the engine’s power is transferred to just the front wheels of the vehicle. With this system, the weight of the engine is placed over the engine, allowing for better traction and stability. When your front-wheel drive transmission requires a bearing replacement or axle repair, just bring it to Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists. 

5. Clutches

A car clutch is critical in manual transmission systems as it allows the driver to control the power transfer from the engine to the wheels. Automatic cars also require clutches—but those that are built-in. Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists can repair and maintain either to ensure no damage is done to other transmission parts. 

6. Transfer Cases

A transfer case is an essential component in four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles as it allows the driver to switch between two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and other driving modes based on the current driving condition. When your car’s transfer case shows signs of wear, call Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists, and we’ll fix or replace it. 

Why Choose Parma Car Care Specialists for Transmission Services

Our transmission services are trusted by a lot of car owners in Ohio. If you need more reasons to hire Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists for your repair- or maintenance-related needs, then here are a few: 

1. Clear and Detailed Estimates

We always provide clear estimates of our services to ensure that our valued clients are aware of what they’re paying for. We also provide alternative services that we will share with you so that you can save on costs. 

2. ASE-Certified Professionals

You can trust our ASE-certified technicians to provide you with quality service. They can work on all car makes and models and are highly skilled in performing all types of services to ensure your vehicle operates as it was meant to. 

3. Quick and Consistent Service

We promise to serve you in the shortest amount of time possible. While simple services such as brake fluid replacements or AC repairs will take as fast as a day, the more complex ones will be done in a few weeks or as quickly as we can do them. 

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