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Fleet service is essential for those who own numerous vehicles as it involves many auto professionals who know how to fix and maintain cars, trucks, vans, and other commercial vehicles. Cars that undergo such service are known to have noticeable improvements, such as an increased life expectancy and preserved resale value.

If you’re looking for a shop with the best fleet service, Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists is the best option. We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to handle any vehicle that comes our way. Schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll have your fleet running like new in no time!  

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Brands That Trust Us

Some of the companies that trust their fleet services to Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists

Brands That Trust Us

Some of the companies that trust their fleet services to Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists
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What Fleet Services Do We Provide?

If you would like to know what exactly entails a fleet service, then here’s a comprehensive list:
A car with an open hood showing the engine.

Preventive Maintenance

This includes regular inspections, fluid checks and changes, tire rotations, and other services that prevent breakdowns and extend a fleet’s lifespan.
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Our repair services involve any fixes to any mechanical or electrical issues vehicles face. Services include engine repairs, transmission repairs, braking system repairs, etc.
A fleet of delivery trucks parked in a row.

Fleet Management

Many auto shops like Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists offer additional services involving management. These include vehicle tracking, scheduling, and reporting to improve efficiency.
A tow truck towing a broken-down car on the street.

Emergency Services

If your car requires sudden maintenance, remember that our fleet service involves 24/7 emergency repair services. Whether it’s brake work or battery replacement, we’ll work on it immediately.
A close-up of customized car engine.


If you’d like your fleet to have its personalized brand, head over to the shop and do some customization. Services include vehicle wraps, graphics, and other modifications.

Why Choose Parma Car Care Fleet Specialists for Fleet Service

Our outstanding fleet service is guaranteed to get your vehicles back up and running. Here are a few other reasons why you should hire us:

1. Clear Estimates

Before beginning any service, we’ll give you all the cost details. You can also ask us about other options that you can consider for you to keep costs low while ensuring your fleet comes out in top shape.

2. Certified Team of Professionals

We have a team of certified mechanics who have all undergone the necessary training that allows them to handle vehicles of all makes and models. Whether they’re domestic or import automobiles, we’ll know what to do with them.

3. Quick and Seamless Service

If it’s a simple fix like AC, brakes, or transmission repairs, we’ll finish it within the day. But no matter what service you need, we’ll do it quickly and have your fleet back on the road.

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Please get in touch with us during our available hours if you have any questions or concerns regarding our services. We’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Schedule an appointment to get your vehicle back up and running in no time! 

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